External sources observed in a high curvature system

  • J. Vergara-Ruvalcaba Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
  • Mauro A. Cordero-Félix Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
  • Miguel A. García-Aspeitia Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
  • A. Hernández-Almada Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Palabras clave: Black Holes, Gravitational Redshift


Many electromagnetic sources in our universe are extremely weak and complicated to be detected by our
instruments, among the most well know low energy sources are for example the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation
that comes from decoupling epoch, the light of the first stars in our universe expected from reionization epoch or even the
Hawking radiation that it is expected that comes from black holes and impossible to be detected with our current technology.
Is in this vein, that this paper is devoted to study those sources near of an extremely no collapsed high curvature system,
presenting its blue-shift equations and its limits for the energy received.
Keywords: Black Holes, Gravitational Redshift.


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